About Us

Company Objectives & Values

It is Minstaff Survey’s objective to be regarded as the safest, most efficient and cost effective provider of survey related services throughout the mining, construction and development industries. Through the implementation and management of our companies policies Minstaff Survey support the values of which our company has been built upon;


Minstaff Survey ensures a quality result to our clients upon the completion of our service. Minstaff Survey have a standardised Quality Assurance System in place that guarantee`s that our work is accurate and is undertaken in accordance with the appropriate legislative framework. Minstaff Survey`s Quality Management System is certified by SAI Global, making our company compliant with AS/NZS ISO 9001 standards.


The safety of our employees and those affected by our work is our number one priority and we endeavor to maintain our excellent safety record and continue improving our companies approach to Workplace Health and Safety. Minstaff Survey has developed OH&S Management Systems to AS/NZS 4801 standards to continue to improve our safety standards. This system facilitates formal training programs, OH&S management systems and document control.


Minstaff Survey is committed to protecting the environment and sustaining a work approach that minimises the effect of our work practices on the ecosystem. Minstaff Survey have developed Environmental Management Systems to AS/NZS  ISO 14001 standard in order to ensure that our company operates in an environmentally responsible way and reduces the stress on the environment wherever possible.

Employee Relations

Minstaff Survey acknowledges that our most important resource is our people. That is why our company employs not only the best surveyors but the best people. Our company is based on a close working relationship between all levels of the organisation, the practice of safe & fair work practices and a policy of openness and honesty.


Jake Laing (General Manager)

Jake has been employed by Minstaff Survey since 2005. Jake holds a Bachelor of Business from the University of Southern Queensland (Majoring in Human Resource Management and Psychology).

Jake is based in the Toowoomba Head Office and is responsible for all recruitment, managing client relationships, controlling the company’s financial position and administering Minstaff Survey’s integrated management system.

Rick Perissinotto (Chief Surveyor)

Rick has over 25 years experience in the Senior Surveyor positions throughout the mining and construction industries. Rick plays a key role in the areas of professional development and business improvement whilst actively surveying- currently servicing various projects throughout Australia and overseas.

Rick is a member of the Australian Institute of Mine Surveyors and is a NSW & QLD Registered Mining Surveyor. Prior to joining Minstaff Survey in 1999, Rick held senior site survey positions with Mt Isa Mines, Gunpowder Copper Limited and Gympie Eldorado Gold Mine.

Rick holds an Associate Diploma of Applied Science (Surveying) and a Bachelor of Technology (Surveying) from the University of Southern Queensland.

Michael Koschel (Senior Surveyor – Engineering & Projects)

Michael joined Minstaff Survey in 2008 as a Senior Surveyor, as the company expanded Michael has taken on more responsibility and now manages all engineering and construction project works.

Michael holds a Bachelor of Spatial Science (USQ), is a member of the Spatial Sciences Institute of QLD and is a Registered Surveyor with SBQ.

Michael has approximately 15 years surveying experience, undertaking and managing engineering and cadastral works for a range of private, government and commercial projects.

Rowan Dickfos (Senior Surveyor – Cadastral)

Rowan is employed as Minstaff Survey’s Senior Cadastral Surveyor and is primarily responsible for all cadastral, town planning and drafting services performed by our firm.

Rowan holds a Bachelor of Spatial Science (USQ), is a member of the Spatial Sciences Institute of QLD and is a Registered Surveyor with SBQ & BOSSI.

Prior to joining Minstaff Survey in 2008, Rowan held a senior position with McKeagues Surveying Consultants in Rockhampton.

Heidi Dargusch (HSEQ/Administration Manager)

Heidi is employed in the role of HSEQ/Admin Manager and is responsible for the administration function of the company and managing all administration staff.

Heidi brings over 15 years experience to Minstaff Survey, with extensive knowledge and experience in accounting and consultation across multiple industries.


Minstaff Survey was established in Cobar, New South Wales in May 1995 by Rick Laing and Lino Manca to provide a surveying solution to Northparkes Mines as North Mining commenced the development of the E26 Block Cave Project. Minstaff Survey was responsible for providing survey controls for all of the underground mine development, the extraction levels and civil & mechanical installations. At the completion of this project Minstaff Survey had achieved a strong reputation within the industry as a dedicated and professional surveying contractor with an emphasis on good people and project completion.

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