Cadastral Surveying

MinStaff Survey is a Consulting Surveying Firm registered with the Surveyors Boards of Queensland, New South Wales and the Northern Territory. Minstaff Survey has a wealth of experience in delivering a proven service across various cadastral survey disciplines including;

  • Identification Surveys (boundary re-establishment)
  • Subdivision Surveys
  • Lot Reconfiguration Surveys
  • Strata & Community Title Subdivisions &
  • Easement Surveys

Engineering & Construction Surveying

MinStaff Survey undertakes Contour & Detail Surveys, As-Constructed & Compliance Surveys & Construction Setout for a range of residential and commercial clients. These services range from topographic surveys of vacant house blocks to high accuracy Setout & As-Constructed surveys for major civil, structural and mechanical projects. MinStaff Survey has a wealth of experience in providing engineering and construction surveys for;

  • Road Construction (to DTMR & RMS Specifications)
  • Concrete Works and Hold Down Bolts
  • Building Setout
  • Pipeline and Drainage Construction
  • Bridge Construction

Data Prep & Machine Guidance Support

MinStaff Survey specialises in the interrogation of the original design data (digital design models and IFC drawings), and the production of the files required by the various Machine Control manufacturers.
MinStaff Survey provides Data Prep services across a range of construction industries and have the experience and capability to deliver Design to Field data preparation for both machine control and conventional survey instruments.

With the complete design model created, MinStaff Survey can significantly reduce costs for civil and earthworks projects and also deliver the following value-adding services;

  • Accurate take-off and end of month volume calculations
  • Bill of Quantities verification
  • Clash Detection reporting on new service design installations
  • As-built vs. design analysis for conformance assessment
  • End of project audits
Whether you only require a finished surface model including all alignments, strings and triangulations (DTM), or prefer the full complement of construction data with subgrade, individual design layers and the finished surface, MinStaff Survey has the experience and ability to tailor the deliverables to suit your needs.

Whilst offering a professional Data Prep services, Minstaff Survey also provide specialised field survey crews to allow for site establishment and setup of Machine Control Systems. Minstaff Survey provides On Site Service and Support and
have the knowledge and experience to provide a complete solution including;

  • Survey Control Verification & Installation
  • Site Calibrations & Localisations for all Machine and Survey Systems
  • Permanent Base Station Setup
  • Upload/Download of Design files to Machines and Equipment
  • Onsite training and support of field software and survey equipment
  • Base Station and Survey Equipment Hire.
  • As-constructed verification and conformance reporting
  • Volume calculations and reporting

Mine Surveying

MinStaff Survey is a leading provider of surveying services throughout the mining industry. MinStaff Survey service mine sites throughout Australia and overseas and across a range of mining environments; Open Cut, Underground, Metalliferous and Coal Mining Operations. MinStaff Survey provide fully contained surveying teams for project work (check surveys, tailings dam projects, establishment of mine baselines or control networks etc.) and mine development or surveying labour only to cater for various mine site requirements (leave relief coverage, survey or software training, survey audits or to fill the void of any statutory surveyor onsite).

Project Management & Town Planning

MinStaff Survey coordinates and collaborates between clients, councils, government bodies and other technical experts in order to deliver sustainable multi-disciplined solutions to various projects. Our firm has gained an excellent reputation in providing clients with a high level of service and advice in dealings with Development Applications, Strategic Planning, Town Planning Investigations, Urban Design and Master Planning.

Geodetic Surveying

MinStaff Survey has a proven track record of providing geodetic surveys of a very high standard to government departments and commercial projects. Our expertise in this area includes establishing Network & Monitoring control surveys, providing Ground Truthing, Control marking & establishment and Aerial photo control surveys.

Aerial Surveying

MinStaff Survey is one of only a handful of companies throughout Australia to be registered by CASA to provide aerial surveying services. The use of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) is a safe, efficient and cost effective means to conduct various surveys. The UAV delivers clients with Photos and Orthomosaic Imagery, 3D Models, Rapid Terrain Mapping, Digital Elevation Models and Topographic Mapping with an accuracy of +/- 50mm.

Bathymetric Surveying

MinStaff Survey provide bathymetric surveying services to a range of clients to produce quality survey plans and charts of catchment areas to determine:

  • Water Depth
  • Configuration and nature of bottom
  • Locations of topographic features and fixed underwater objects

These services are predominately used to cater for the unique requirements of local councils and environmental agencies for flood studies and planning as well as mining, oil and gas companies to map holdings ponds, tailings dams and water storage facilities.

MinStaff Survey completes these works with the utilisation of modern, state-of-the-art sonar technology and equipment which is used in all facets of bathymetric surveying and data management.

Downhole Surveying

MinStaff Survey has a borehole deviation survey system that is ideal for mining, engineering and geotechnical works and quarry drilling and blasting.

MinStaff Survey’s non-magnetic system calculates the borehole’s deviation from the vertical at fixed intervals using inclinometer sensors located within the probe and provides immediate results.

MinStaff Survey’s system can be rapidly deployed on site and has minimal impact on site works, taking only minutes for data collection and the production of an as-constructed survey deliverable.

Laser Scanning

MinStaff Survey has a team of uniquely experienced laser scanning experts.  Our comprehensive understanding of field methodologies and post-processing means our clients achieve tailor made deliverables with maximum cost efficiency.  The applications of laser scanning are endless and MinStaff Survey has the vision and expertise to provide a unique level of service to any project requirement.

Minstaff Survey’s areas of application include:

  • Civil Construction and Mining
  • Processing Plant and Marine Equipment
  • Architecture and Building Information Modelling (BIM)
  • Forensic Investigations
  • Archaeology and Heritage