Data Prep & Machine Guidance Support


Data Prep & Machine Guidance Support

MinStaff Survey Specialises in the interrogation of the original design data (digital design models and IFC drawings), and the production of the files required by the various Machine Control manufacturers.
MinStaff Survey provides Data Prep services across a range of construction industries and have the experience and capability to deliver Design to Field data preparation for both machine control and conventional survey instruments.

With the complete design model created, MinStaff Survey can significantly reduce costs for civil and earthworks projects and also deliver the following value-adding services:

  • Accurate take-off and end of month volume calculations
  • Bill of Quantities verification
  • Clash Detection reporting on new service design installations
  • As-built vs. design analysis for conformance assessment
  • End of project audits

Whether you only require a finished surface model including all alignments, strings and triangulations (DTM), or prefer the full complement of construction data with subgrade, individual design layers and the finished surface, Minstaff Survey have the experience and ability to tailor the deliverables to suit your needs.

Whilst offering a professional Data Prep services, MinStaff Survey also provide specialised field survey crews to allow for site establishment and setup of Machine Control Systems. MinStaff Survey provides On Site Service and Support and
have the knowledge and experience to provide a complete solution including:

  • Survey Control Verification & Installation
  • Site Calibrations & Localisations for all Machine and Survey Systems
  • Permanent Base Station Setup
  • Upload/Download of Design files to Machines and Equipment
  • Onsite training and support of field software and survey equipment
  • Base Station and Survey Equipment Hire.
  • As-constructed verification and conformance reporting
  • Volume calculations and reporting.