About Us

About Us

MinStaff Survey was established in Cobar in May 1995 as a surveying solution to underground mine development projects throughout Central and Western New South Wales.

In the first decade of operation MinStaff Survey specialised in the provision of surveying services to major mine development projects throughout the Eastern States of Australia.

The year 2006 saw MinStaff Survey relocate to Toowoomba and expand to become a multi-disciplined surveying firm that provides survey teams, survey labour, technical advice and consultation to both commercial and private clients.

MinStaff Survey specialises in providing a range of surveying services; with our firm having a proven track record of delivering professional and cost efficient services to various development projects throughout Australia and overseas.

Having grown to become a highly regarded surveying firm, MinStaff Survey employees a team of over fifty personnel throughout Australia to meet our client’s specific survey requirements.