Civil & Construction Surveying

Civil, Construction & Engineering surveying

Engineering Surveyors

Civil, construction and engineering surveying involves the measurement, mapping, and analysis of land, structures, and infrastructure to support various aspects of civil engineering, construction projects, and urban planning. 

MinStaff Survey provides engineering and construction surveys for a range of domestic and commercial clients thought Australia.

Our civil, construction and engineering surveying team has a wealth of experience in delivering a range of surveying services across a broad range of projects.

Contour & Detail Surveys

Complete and accurate topographical model showing the site details, features and constraints for design. This work can be completed with conventional survey technology or utilising our UAV Services.

Structural, Mechanical & Piping Surveys

Setout and as-constructed surveys for the positioning, installation and location of high tolerance structures, machinery and piping. Our services can also deliver as-constructed digital models and plans as required by clients to meet deliverables.

Volume Surveys

Producing volumes and models from any surface, calculating cut/ fill volumes for planning purposes or QAQC of internal volume calculations and audits.

Earthworks & Machine Guidance

Set out and as-constructed surveys for bulk earthworks to final trimming set outs. Machine guidance solutions including model compilation, installation of guidance systems on plant, training of staff/operators for use of guidance systems, management and trouble-shooting of establish guidance systems.

Civil Surveys

Set out and as-constructed surveys for land developments, civil and infrastructure service works for domestic and commercial clients. This involves the control, set out and as-constructed surveys for services and utilities such as water, stormwater, sewer. Also the delivery of as built models, reports and plans.

Building Surveys

Set out and as-constructed surveys for units, duplexes, houses, mixed use developments, commercial and industrial buildings and high-rise construction. This involves the accurate positioning of control points, building corners, grid lines, offsets and slabs, tailored to meet the requirements of the builder and their construction methods. This involves the provision of set out and as-built plans and the delivery of certification documents where applicable.

Road Construction

Survey control establishment and verification, pickup of existing road surfaces, conformance surveys/reporting over completed surfaces, depth checking, set out and as-constructed surveys for underlay, asphalt pavement, sediment basins, bridges, concrete structures, piles, girders, concrete decking and general road infrastructure. MinStaff Survey complete all work to the required specifications (e.g. DTMR, RMS) and can assist with in road design requirements.

Tunnel Construction

Survey for tunnel development using various tunnelling methods (i.e. TBM, Roadheader, Drill and Blast and Pipe Jack) including site establishment, machine launch, tunnel survey control, tunnel as-builts and models, deformation monitoring , management and troubleshooting of guidance systems.

Rail Construction & Monitoring

MinStaff Survey has employees trained to work safely on Rail Corridors to perform all aspects of surveying from track alignment, monitoring or deformation works, bridge and structure set out and as-builts, rail scans and site surveys.

Concrete & Bolt Set Out

High accuracy set out surveys as per construction drawings and models for concrete structures and infrastructure installation. Also during works conformance and as-builts (pre-pours and post-pours) and bolt layout.

Civil, Construction & Engineering Surveying
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