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Cadastral surveying focuses on the measurement and mapping of land, boundaries, and property alignment. Cadastral surveys are essential for maintaining property records, resolving property disputes, and supporting land-use planning and development.

MinStaff Survey is a Consulting Surveying Practice registered with the Surveyors Board of Queensland. Our team also includes Registered Cadastral Surveyors operating in New South Wales and the Northern Territory.

Our cadastral surveying team has a wealth of experience in delivering a range of cadastral surveying services across a broad range of projects.

Land Subdivision

We provide land subdivision and development surveys for urban and rural properties. These surveys involve dividing larger parcels of land into smaller lots, ensuring compliance with zoning regulations and land use planning, both in urban and rural areas.

Identification Surveys

Identification surveys are conducted to precisely define and document property boundaries, helping to prevent boundary disputes and providing clarity for property owners.

Proposal Plans

Proposal plans are created as part of development applications, outlining the proposed changes or construction on a property and ensuring they meet local planning and zoning requirements.

Disclosure Plans

Disclosure plans are used in property sales to provide potential buyers with an accurate representation of what they are purchasing before construction is complete, reducing misunderstandings and disputes.

Lease Surveys

We provide lease surveys for buildings, retail, land leases and mining leases. Lease surveys establish and document the boundaries and terms of leases, ensuring that both lessors and lessees have a clear understanding of their rights and responsibilities.

Amalgamation Surveys

Amalgamation surveys combine multiple parcels of land into a single, larger parcel, often simplifying property ownership and land management.

Easement & Covenant Surveys

Easement and covenant surveys identify and define easements and restrictive covenants on a property, ensuring that legal rights and limitations related to land use are documented and understood.

Building Format & Strata Title Surveys

Building format and strata title surveys are crucial for properties with shared ownership structures, such as duplexes, high rise developments and strata complexes, providing precise boundaries and legal documentation for each unit.

Volumetric Surveys

Volumetric surveys involve measuring three-dimensional spaces within buildings, often used for multi-level developments, enabling the creation of separate ownership for specific volumes within a building. This may include volumetric subdivisions and layered community management schemes.

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