Cadastral Surveying

MinStaff Survey is a Consulting Surveying Practice registered with the Surveyors Boards of Queensland. MinStaff Survey also employs Registered Cadastral Surveyors operating in New South Wales and the Northern Territory.

MinStaff Survey has a wealth of experience in delivering a range of cadastral surveying services across a broad range of projects. These services include the following:

  • Subdivision & Development Surveys for Urban and Rural properties
  • Identification Surveys (Identify existing land parcel boundaries)
  • Proposal Plans for Development Applications
  • Disclosure Plans (for sales ‘off the plan’ and prior to final construction)
  • Building Format and Strata Title Surveys for duplexes to High Rise Developments
  • Volumetric Surveys (Volumetric Subdivisions and Layered Community Management Schemes)
  • Lease Surveys (Retail, Building , Mining and Land Lease Surveys)
  • Easement & Covenant Surveys
  • Amalgamation Surveys