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Aerial Surveying

MinStaff Survey is a CASA certified UAV operator (OC No.1-10VYZO-01) and member of Australian Certified UAV Operators Inc. MinStaff Survey utilises UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) Systems to complement our existing traditional survey practices to provide optimized solutions for mining, agriculture, construction, design, real estate, services infrastructure and advertising industry’s. Our systems are capable of a wide ranging skill sets including:

  • Aerial Orthomosaic and perspective imagery
  • Survey Quality Digital Surface Models and 3d Modelling
  • Video Capture for Advertising and Real Estate
  • Environmental and High Wall Monitoring
  • Video and Imagery inspection of infrastructure and services.

MinStaff Survey’s UAV systems are fast and simple to transport and deploy throughout the country unlike other UAV Systems due to it’s light-weight, low-noise system, powered by battery electric motor and designed with an aerodynamic profile that provides maximum flight stability and endurance to ensure safe and reliant data collection that minimises risk and optimises safety.

This technology enables MinStaff Survey to cover large and detailed areas very efficiently and cost effectively, allowing us to survey ‘high risk’ or inaccessible areas from a safe distance as well as providing a rapid turnaround of data.

MinStaff Survey also utilises aircraft equipped with LiDAR and imagery capable sensors, tasked for large projects of all sizes and nature to provide ortho-rectified aerial imagery and LiDAR surveys.