Laser Scanning Services

Laser Scanning Services in Australia

Laser Scanning

MinStaff Survey has some of the most uniquely experienced laser scanning experts in Australia. Our comprehensive understanding of field methodologies and post-processing means our clients achieve tailor made deliverables with maximum cost efficiency.

MinStaff Survey is able to provide laser scanning services to a range of industries globally. MinStaff Survey’s Laser Scanning System has the experience and capability to deliver the following services;

Our areas of application include:

  • 2D & 3D modelling of infrastructure (piping, plant, steel etc.)
  • Accurate volume calculations
  • Clash Detection for new design installations
  • As-built vs. design analysis for conformance assessments
  • Deformation and stability monitoring
  • Architectural developments & renovations
  • Detailed drafting of building facades and interiors
  • Archaeological and cultural heritage documentation and digital preservation
  • Photorealistic modelling for development proposals
  • Fabrication conformance
  • Forensic scanning for post incident investigation and time capture

MinStaff Survey can survey millions of points in minutes, this data is then used to generate high definition 3D models & reports. MinStaff Survey’s Laser Scanning Systems have unlimited potential and application for various clients and projects- ranging from Plant Maintenance to Forensic Investigation.